Frequently Asked Questions - Skip Bins

With society moving towards a greener lifestyle, skip bin suppliers are finding new ways to ensure they can recycle a large percentage of the waste placed in skip bins. Cleanfill or hardfill waste streams are redirected to recycling facilities to be recycled into hard rubble for laying roads.

An extra charge for your skip bin hire will depend on the total duration of extra days that the skip bin is required. This extra duration of time will determine whether an additional charge will be incurred or not. Phone 13 75 47 for more details.

Smartskip have an extensive range for skip bin hire Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowomba and their surrounds so they have the flexibility to make last minute adjustments to service details if necessary. Depending on the timing of the request for the change of delivery or collection details changes may be able to be accommodated. Phone 13 75 47 to amend any delivery or collection details for you skip bin hire.

Smartskip has an extensive range of skip bins so they have the flexibility to schedule bin hire for 7 day periods. Speak to a customer service representative to discuss the details of your job and to arrange timings 13 75 47.

Smartskip prefers to place the bins on the footpath.  If you request the bin to be delivered inside your property or elsewhere, all damage above and below ground is at your expense.  All care but no liability is accepted in delivery and collection of bin from any property.

Smartskip can only remove skips that are filled level to the top of the bin with no materials protruding.  If the skip is overloaded, Smartskip will arrange for an additional bin to be delivered (at the customers cost) and the customer will be asked to unload the excess waste that is protruding.  Overloaded bins are dangerous and create Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) and Occupational Health and Safety risks.

Please see are conditions and filling guide for more information.

Skip Bins can be filled up to the top rail, but there must not be any materials protruding over the top of the skip bin. Overloaded skip bins are dangerous and create Occupational Health and Safety concerns for Smartskip employees and the general public.

Please see are skip bin hire conditions and filling guide for more information.

Smartskip guarantees a next business day skip bin hire delivery turnaround - order today and the skip bin can be delivered tomorrow. Please call one of Smartskip's knowledgeable customer service representatives for additional information.

Yes. Smartskip accepts payment for skip bin hire via cash, eftpos and all major credit cards (N.B. American Express and Diners Club are not accepted).

Smartskip takes pride in offering a personal service with unrivalled customer service levels. To speak with one of our customer service representatives for skip bin hire Brisbane phone 13 75 47 between Monday and Saturday.

Yes. Smartskip are operational six (6) days a week and can deliver skip bins to you on Saturday.

Please note: Weekend skip bin deliveries are usually a Friday drop and Monday collect.

Smartskip is open until 11am Saturday and CLOSED all day Sunday.

Saturday or Sunday skip bin deliveries and pick ups may incur extra charges, please contact our call centre for more details.

Liquid, food and hazardous wastes are not permitted to be placed in Smartskip bins.  Hazardous wastes include asbestos, poisons, paints, oils, gas bottles, tyres, batteries, mattresses and toxic wastes. If you have hazardous wastes that you need to dispose of, contact Smartskip on 13 75 47 and a specialist service will be arranged for you.

A skip or skip bin is an open design bin often used at construction and renovation sites. The skips are not emptied on site but are usually replaced by an emptied one, with the full bin taken to the disposal point for separation and potential recycling. A skip ranges from about 3m³ to about 15m³, and are made of steel making them hard to break. Skips are often placed at the front of construction sites, which makes disposing of waste easy for tradesman and labourers.

Smartskip does not guarantee delivery times of skip bins. This is because a truck will deliver multiple skips in a run and determine the order based on the delivery locations. In order to be viable and keep our skin bin hire costs down, these must be delivered in a logical sequence to minimise distance travelled by the delivery truck. It is recommended that if you know that you will need to use the skip bin first thing in the morning then please have the skip delivered on the day prior to when you need it.

Smartskip does have an extensive range of skip bins so it is possible to be flexible on some occasions to make last minute adjustments if necessary. Phone 13 75 47 to amend any skip bin delivery or collection details.

If you have booked a skip bin hire service and the skip bin cannot be delivered for any reason, other than the fault of Smartskip, or the driver, the customer will be liable for any callout fees incurred for the delivery of the skip bin.

When you book a skip bin hire service from Smartskip, you hire the skip bin for a specified drop off and collection date. Your skip bin will then be collected on that specified date unless you subsequently request otherwise. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that you fill your skip bin prior to that negotiated collection date so that is ready for pickup.

If asbestos is found to have been put into a Smartskip skip bin prior to its pickup and removal from a customer’s property, the skip bin will not be removed until adequately dealt with by the customer. If asbestos is found to have been in the skip bin after it has been tipped either at landfill or at a transfer station, very high decontamination costs and potentially extremely large fines or penalties may also be imposed on the customer. The customer is then liable and responsible for the payment of all costs. If in doubt about what to put in a skip bin please call our friendly customer service team for advice.

Asbestos MUST NOT be put in any general skip bin rented from Smartskip Australia. There are strict disposal methods for Asbestos related materials. As Asbestos is very dangerous and can be found in many building materials within houses built up until the late 1980s, if you are ever in doubt about what you can and can’t place in a skip, or think a material might contain asbestos, please consult an expert before placing it in a skip bin.

Do you have questions about skip bins hire? Councils have different rules about where skip bins can be placed in public areas. Generally a council permit is not required however there are some councils within Australia that strictly prohibit the placement of a skip bin on a road or on the nature strip. Other councils make the customer obtain a permit and charge a cost for this. Whether you are in a West Brisbane Region, Toowoomba, Ipswich, North Brisbane up to Caboolture, Moreton Bay and Bribie Island, East Brisbane, Redland Bay, Brisbane South, Logan, or Gold Coast through to Tweed Heads, if you are unsure of where you can place your skip bin, please either contact us to discuss your situation with one of our friendly consultants or contact your local Council to confirm the requirements for your area. Smartskip can assist with all of your skip bins hire questions.



Currently Smartskip is providing skip bin hire services for commercial or domestic use across the Greater Brisbane suburbs and surrounds including West Brisbane Region, Toowoomba, Ipswich, North Brisbane Suburbs up to Caboolture, Moreton Bay and Bribie Island, East Brisbane Suburbs, Redland Bay, Brisbane Southside Suburbs, Logan, and Gold Coast through to Tweed Heads.