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09 Oct 2014

Brisbane City Council has declared Friday 14th November a public holiday for the G20.  If your work place is located in the Brisbane City Council region (similar to the Ekka), then you are requested not to go to work.  The reason for this is to keep the roads clearer and help with security during the G20.

If you live inside the Brisbane City Council area and are planning to do some spring cleaning around the house for this long weekend please order your skip bin to be delivered on Thursday instead of Friday or Saturday.  Pick up on Monday will be as normal.

05 Sep 2014

Moving house is often cited as one of the most stressful life experiences and involves preparing the house for sale, a lot of paperwork, kids, packing, cleaning and storage…

Before you start feeling stressed about the moving process, make sure you check out these steps and handy tips for a smooth house transition.

05 Aug 2014

Traditionally Spring Cleaning was done in the spring after the cold winter months when no-one feels like doing much at all.  But more recently, to do any heavy cleaning has taken on the term – Give it a Spring Clean.

However, there is an unconscious desire in the spring, when you start seeing the sunshine a little longer and the days become less cold (and the cleaning companies have all ramped up their advertising) to give your house a heavy once over now that you can open your windows and blow away the dust.

08 Jul 2014
  1. Removal of Building Site Rubbish and waste including items such as off- cuts, concrete, soil, tin and plasterboard.
  2. Removal of household Rubbish including items from your spring clean such as white goods, boxes, tiles, bricks, concrete and old furniture. It’s the easy no worry, no fuss way to remove large amounts of rubbish from your home.
  3. Removal of hazardous Waste such as Asbestos to ensure it is disposed of in the correct manner including asbestos sheeting, roof tiles and insulation.
  4. Move items from One Place to another on a building site.
11 Jun 2014

Smartskip are dedicated with providing their future and existing customers with essential information related to the environmental impac† of waste removal. Below are a few fun facts and tips to get you up to speed with what is going on within Australia and how you can help keep the environment clean and your workplace safe.