Week by Week Tips When You’re Moving House

Moving house is often cited as one of the most stressful life experiences and involves preparing the house for sale, a lot of paperwork, kids, packing, cleaning and storage…

Before you start feeling stressed about the moving process, make sure you check out these steps and handy tips for a smooth house transition.

8 Weeks Before your Moving Date | Start organising your items

  • There’s no point moving all those belongings you’ve accumulated and no longer need. 8 weeks in advance go through each room and start to separate your items into keep, sell, donate or throw out. Start a dump area for rubbish if you have a lot, so that it’s all in the one location.
  • Check any storage spaces you rent and do the same there.
  • This is also the best time to get moving quotes from removal companies and check references (if you’re looking to rent). 
  • If you don’t have existing storage, and may need it (either while you’re in transit or after you move) it’s also a good time to get them to quote or find a self-storage location that you can use. (The removal companies may be a little bit more expensive, but they will load, unload and reload for you).

6 Weeks before your Moving Date | Gather packing supplies you’ll need

  • If you are doing your own packaging, which most people will, you will need plenty of boxes. Gathering boxes from liquor stores, supermarkets, collecting from local classified ads or community sites such as Gumtree are a great cheap option. You can also purchase all your packing materials from a moving supply company. Make sure you label your boxes and be very specific when you pack so you can find things easier at your new home.
  • Find out from your telephone company whether an internet connection is available in the new place and book a date for it to be turned on. It can take up to 6 weeks for a connection, even longer if you’re in a new estate or waiting for the NBN roll out.
  • Hold your garage sale now.

4 Weeks before your Moving Date | Hire a Skip Bin

  • Skip bins are delivered quite close to your house and can be picked up on a pre-arranged day, so it’s an easy way to get rid of the entire rubbish heap at once!
    When booking your Skip Bin: Check the sizes and prices of skip bins to determine the one most suitable, then organise a date for your skip bin to arrive, (before you start packing is preferable).
  • Ensure your removal company is booked
  • Ensure any storage space required is also organised
  • If you want to book a cleaner to come in after you leave or clean the new place prior to moving in – get quotes.

3 Weeks before your Moving Date | Complete Paperwork

  • Book your cleaner
  • Arrange for electricity and gas accounts to be moved to the new property on the date you require, ensure you pre-book these as it doesn’t always happen on the same day and you need to give notice. Also check when the disconnection is on in case you need to go back and clean or having cleaners after you’ve moved.
  • Get the forms to redirect your mail

2 Week before your Moving Date | Get Insurance Quotes

  • Arrange insurance for your new home, speak to your existing insurance and determine if they are happy to move the insurance cover, or whether you need a new policy – check whether you are covered while you’re moving and for how long after you move you are still covered in the old house (while you’re cleaning or selling etc).
  • Dig out reference manuals for any appliances that are staying such as a stove or dishwasher for new occupiers.

1 Week before your Moving Date | Arrange for Keys

  • Determine when you can have the keys for the new property, if you are going to change locks arrange for this to happen.
  • Get keys cut for those that require a set.
  • Arrange for the cleaners to go into the new property or clean it yourself.
  • Determine if you need any appliances to be installed and arrange for trades to be there at appropriate times for eg, your dishwasher or plumbed fridge.
  • Confirm with your telephone company they are turning off your old service on the set day as it may not be connected with the service you have booked.
  • Start changing addresses for your
    • Family and Friends
    • Work and School
    • Bank
    • Mobile Phone
    • Car registration and drivers licence
    • Accountant
    • Voting Register
    • Delivery address for sites such as ebay, golden casket or Art Union tickets
    • Anything that is delivered such as magazines
    • Other accounts including frequent flyers, shopping benefits cards other vip or memberships you have.
  • Get all your washing done so it’s dry before moving day
  • Label any keys you will be leaving behind for the new owners
  • Arrange for someone to look after children on moving day until the removalists have gone
  • If you’re moving out the area pick up any dry cleaning, return videos and library books
  • Take down any wall hangings and fix marks where required.
  • Start eating as much as you can from fridge and freezer.

A day before Moving Day | Pack a bag

  • Pack yourself a bag as though you were going away for the weekend in case you can’t find what you need or anything goes wrong. Include a change of clothes, basic toiletries and any medication you might be taking. That way you don’t really need to unpack anything on the first day and can start fresh the next morning. (maybe include some snacks as well).
  • Pack your car with any valuables that you are not giving the removalist
  • Defrost the fridge

Moving day | Stress free

  • Pack the balance of the items you’ve been using this week remembering to keep out cleaning items for use after the movers have left including a vacuum.
  • Make sure you check all cupboards for stray items for children’s toys.
  • Answer any questions the removalists have ensuring you point out everything you want them to take when they arrive. 
  • Watch for any damaged boxes or items so you can note these down yourself.