Temporary Pool Fencing - What You Need to Know

ack and white illustration of modern safety fence with steel mesh and an open access screen

Temporary pool fencing can be literally a life saver. It can also be critically important risk management for your home.

Temporary Pool Fencing Essential Facts

Temporary pool fencing offers some important safeguards for your pool, your home, and your friends:

  • Young kids and pools:   If you haven’t yet had permanent pool fencing installed, you should be aware that pool risks to young kids are all too real. The sheer number of stories of some poor little toddler straying in to a pool and drowning, or suffering severe injuries are grim true tales of the major risks of pools to toddlers.
  • Legal liability and risk:  This is a real bottom line issue. Injuries sustained to people on your property are direct liabilities. If you don’t have fencing, you can find yourself hit with a huge liability suit for possible injuries. Some injuries can run in to millions, so it’s a real judgment call to install fencing. Even while the pool is under construction, the pool site should be completely fenced off, preferably ASAP.
  • Common sense onsite safety:   A temporary pool fence is an all-purpose option for managing onsite hazards. When a pool is installed, access issues for people working on site can be a real problem. Sometimes people come on a building site and get instantly lost, too; naturally, the first place they go is exactly where you don’t want them to go, another good reason for precautions. You don’t want anyone falling in to your new pool, particularly when there’s no water in it. You can use your temporary pool fencing to screen off both the pool area and access, and cover both angles.

Temporary Fencing Hire

The easy way to manage temporary fencing is to hire it, rather than purchase. Temporary fences aren’t suitable as permanent fencing. This is a relatively cheap, simple way to manage all scenarios and ensure good protection on your property.

Fencing hire is also a good way of getting the best, most modern fencing with individual bases for each section of fence. That really is important. Some “alleged” fencing wouldn’t keep out a chicken, let alone an energetic kid trying to get through the fence. Inferior quality fencing has more than a few problems, not least of which is that it’s usually not strongly based. This very dangerous type of fencing is typically a fold-out fence with a few base points. It’s like a LEGO set with some of the parts missing. The whole fence, however, usually isn’t properly based, and a slight nudge can tip over parts of it.  Just make sure you get a good strong fence.

Ask Smartskip about Temporary Pool Fencing

For fencing for hire in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Ipswich, call Smartskip. We’re your all-purpose supplier of temporary fencing, and we can make sure you get a good strong fence.  Give us a ring on 13 75 47 and speak to one of our fencing specialists about your onsite needs. We’ll be happy to assist and advise. After hours, contact us online. We’ll ring you back.