Summer Storms, Christmas Parties and A Fresh New Year

Previously we have blogged about Spring Cleaning and what you need to consider when undertaking a spring clean. But with all of the summer storms that have hit us all of late, the rain that has poured consistently for weeks, along with the timing of Christmas and New Year parties, and then add in your resolutions for 2015 to de-clutter and start the year off fresh, there are a lot of reasons to order a skip bin now and get your lives cleaned up, de-cluttered and organised. Alternatively we can call you to organise your bin requirements.

Whilst it is good to de-clutter during this time of year and start the year off to a fresh new note, please remember when cleaning up after storms, that there are some very important, but very basic safety tips to follow to keep you and your family safe:

  • Never touch or go near fallen power lines - ring Energex immediately to attend to the situation.
  • Report leaking roofs immediately to your insurer so that they can organise for a professional to come out and patch your roof and make your electrical wires and connections safe.
  • Assess the area around your house and report any dangerous looking scenarios to the relevant authorities.
  • Be careful when cutting down trees as many accidents occur with chainsaws and falling trees.
  • Get professionals in to remove any large trees that look like they may have been uprooted and about to fall.
  • Do not use wet or damp electrical items.
  • Do not upgrade or remove walls or roofs that you believe contain asbestos. Leave this for the professionals.

Different skip bins are provided for different types of waste items and you should make it clear what items you have to remove at the time of ordering your skip bin from Smartskip so that they can organise for the correct type of bin to be delivered.

Smartskip can organise for a different bins to be delivered ranging from Commercial and Domestic Bin Hire, and for short or long term hire. When filling your bin there are filling instructions that you should take note of.

 Hire a skip bin today so you can start the New Year off on a positive clutter free note!