Spring Cleaning – What, When, Why and How

Traditionally Spring Cleaning was done in the spring after the cold winter months when no-one feels like doing much at all.  But more recently, to do any heavy cleaning has taken on the term – Give it a Spring Clean.

However, there is an unconscious desire in the spring, when you start seeing the sunshine a little longer and the days become less cold (and the cleaning companies have all ramped up their advertising) to give your house a heavy once over now that you can open your windows and blow away the dust.

There are various historical reasons why Spring has been the time to clean, such as the Persian New Year used to fall on the first day of Spring, and therefore it is similar to a New Year Clean Out which is recommended in many cultures throughout the world. Or as part of a religious festival where you were meant to throw away all excess waste so it was easier to refrain through particular periods of restriction, (mainly for food).

In Western Society today it’s a good time to go through each room in your home and decide what needs to be thrown out.  Many people are very lucky that they have an over-abundance of items, mainly due to the fact that we’ve become a ‘throw-away society’.  Clothing only lasts for one season; tools don’t work and need to be replaced; soft furnishings start to look old after winter.

Online there are many lists of what you should do to clean out your home for each individual room – such as Martha Stewarts Downloadable Spring Cleaning List, or Review Shannon Lush’s organic cleaning items, but we recommend you consider these items before you start your clean:

  • Clean out your linen cupboard first, so items that were going to be thrown from there become the rags for cleaning other rooms.
  • Pick up all the cleaning products that you’ll need such as oven cleaner, de-scaler, degreasers and a new mop head.
  • Let your family & friends know before-hand so they don’t invite you to go out or get involved with other activities on the weekend you plan to do your Spring Clean.
  • Borrow any tools that you don’t have that would come in handy (or buy them if you have room) such as a gurney, leaf blower, chain saw, window squeegee and more.  
  • Have on hand the tools you normally need for cleaning such as extra vacuum cleaner bags, dust pans, brooms, mops and buckets and a lawn mower.
  • Get quotes from a local dry cleaner so you can send off curtains, blankets and items from the back of your cupboard.
  • Purchase a couple of drawer organisers or baskets so that shelves are easier to handle going forward.

It may seem like a daunting or even confronting task to get started on your Spring Clean, however you’ll feel lighter and happy that you’ve achieved a great accomplishment once it’s complete.

Hire your skip bin today so you can’t put your spring clean off when the weekend comes around.