Smartskip Shows Its Support For Clean Up Australia Day - Sunday, 1 March 2015

In 2015 we are proud to be celebrating 25 years of volunteer action across Australia for Clean Up Australia Day. Last year, thanks to an estimated 572,406 volunteers, Australia cleaned up 15,708 tonnes at 7,140 sites across Australia. What a great Aussie effort!

Like Smartskip, you too can support the sustainability and beauty of our amazing Australian countryside in 2015 and join the team to Clean Up Australia on Sunday, 1 March 2015. Show some Aussie Pride and lend a hand to help clean up Australia.

Clean Up Australia Day 2015You will be pleased to know that many companies support this great Aussie event by donating goods and services and Smartskip as part of the Toxfree Group is right up there with the best of them. As one of Australia's leading skip bin providers, and in its endeavours to provide a Toxfree environmentally friendly and community aware environment, Smartskip is donating a number of bins across various Qld locations.

Interestingly, since the national event commenced in 1990, Australians have donated more than 27.2 million hours by taking to their streets, bushland, parks and waterways on Clean Up Australia Day. It is estimated that they have removed an estimated 288,650 tonnes of rubbish from 145,754 sites across the Australian countryside.

With Clean Up Australia Day just under 2 weeks away now, we prepare for another big year and would encourage all Australians to get on board and donate your time, goods and services for this great event. But why stop there, now would be a good time to order your own skip bin and clean up not only the parklands and surrounding areas, but any household unwanted goods and waste as well. This will help to clean up your home and prevent any unwanted waste from entering back into our environment.

Help us to offer a Safe, Reliable and Sustainable environment now, and into the future.

Details of Smartskip's donated skip bin locations for Clean Up Australia Day can be found below:

Smart Skip Skip Bin  Locations for Clean Up Australia Day

Smartskip thanks you in advance for assisting with cleaning up our great country and looks forward to another great year with a healthier and environmentally friendlier environment.

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