Skip Bin Sizing Chart

Large green skip bin with overload of rubbish

Skip Bin Sizing Chart


Just about everyone who’s ever used a skip bin will tell you that size matters when it comes to choosing the skips you need.  If you’re handling a lot of materials, the last thing you need is “leftovers” on site, getting in the way and looking awful.

Skip Bin Sizes and Considerations

The trick to choosing the right skip size depends on several very basic issues:

· Size and amount of materials. Size can be deceptive. Some materials, like building materials, are heavy and hard to handle in one piece. In a skip, they take up a lot of room, and can create empty space in the skips.

· Types of materials. The usual scenario is that you’ll have recyclables and non-recyclables. These materials have to be put in separate skips anyway, but it also means that you may have to choose multiple sizes of skips, as well as different skips for the different materials.  

· Access and space available on site.  This issue can be a real nuisance. You need to be sure how much space is available onsite for your skips, and plan accordingly.


Size Problem Solving

The quick way to manage skip size choices is to get some help from your skip hire service. Ask them for some practical advice, and you’ll get all the help you need.

· Site access; using different size skips. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a smaller skip or two available for access issues. These skips are easy to move around and you can simply transport your materials out of the difficult access points. The smaller skips also provide a quick, easy way of removing debris and materials from where you’re working.  

· A big skip or two can solve a lot of problems. If you have large amounts of the same materials, one or two big skips can make all the difference to efficient working onsite. The big skips can take enormous amounts of materials, cleaning up as you go, and simplifying handling of the materials.

· Medium size skips are good all-rounders. These skips are a good option when you have large amounts of materials but will be breaking up the materials in to recyclables, and non-recyclables. They’re good for access, too, and don’t take up quite as much space as the big skips onsite. 

· The trick to choosing different size skips is onsite efficiency.  The different size skips all have very practical benefits. Depending on the work you’re doing, you may find one size to be the perfect problem solver for handling.


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