Setting Boundaries – Installing a Temporary Fence

Temporary fences are extremely useful. Whether you want to create an exclusive space for your guests or separate a worksite from the general public, fencing comes in handy.

In this article, we will discuss some different styles of temporary fencing and address some common reasons for erecting them.

Reasons You May Require Temporary Fencing


  • Construction projects
  • Working at heights above public spaces
  • Community gatherings
  • Sports events
  • Outdoor events
  • Festivals
  • Crowd management
  • Road work
  • Movement barriers
  • Parades
  • Council work
  • Create an exclusion zone around underground work
  • Public risk minimisation


Different Styles and Sizes

Depending on the occasion and legal requirements, temporary fencing can take a number of shapes. If you only need fencing for a very short period of time and have someone to supervise the space, a set of witches hats tied together with banner tape can suffice.


If you are performing high-risk work with a significant chance of creating rubble and debris in a public place, you will need something more substantial. When working on a scaffold to strip paint and resurface an external wall of a city building, you may require block out fencing that physically traps debris with you on the scaffold.


If you are running a large community festival or ticketed event and you need to separate zones in an otherwise public space, mesh fencing may be your go-to option. Sometimes referred to as cyclone fencing, mesh fencing can be useful because it is erected upon large heavy blocks that are essentially immobile. The other great thing about mesh fencing is that it is scalable. Whether you just need to block off one side of a quarter acre block or you need to surround an entire city block, temporary mesh fencing can do the job.


You may also luck out with your temporary fencing provider, and they may also be able to provide you with portable toilets and/or skip hire to complement your event or construction site.


Safety and Security Issues

Temporary mesh fencing is also extremely useful on building sites. It can be erected and dismounted quickly, and creates a secure fenced-off zone to separate work from the general public. This fenced-off zone can also be secured with locks at night to ensure the security of materials left on site.


No security measure is ever going to stop a determined criminal, so even with temporary mesh fencing installed and locked up on a worksite, do not leave expensive tools or equipment lying around.


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