How to Sort Your Recycling for Skip Bins

How to Sort Your Recycling for Skip Bins


It’s useful to know how to sort your skip bins, both for practical reasons and common sense reasons. When you’ve got a large load to organise, the more systematically you do the job, the easier the job becomes.

Skip Bin Recycling Sorting Essentials

The core issues for recycling with skip bins are all about saving yourself a lot of extra and sometimes unnecessary work:

·Skips used for recycling are used for specific types of waste, like soil, green waste, metal, etc. You can’t mix recycling materials in skips or bins. Each type has to be separated anyway.

·You can’t recycle some types of waste. If you’ve got a mixed bag of things to throw out, you’ll need to separate the non-recyclables from the recyclables.

·Councils and waste management operators simply won’t take some waste for recycling. Again, you need to sort the materials and separate the materials for rubbish collection from your recycling.

Recycling Sorting the Easy Way

The easy way to manage recycling sorting for skips is pretty straightforward:

·Get the right skips and be well organised before you start. Tell your skip bin hire people what sort of materials you’re moving, they’ll be able to help and advise about any “don’t know” materials which may or may not be recyclable, too. (Always ask if you’re not sure; you can avoid being stuck with a pile of stuff left on site that you weren’t prepared for, and get some practical help with any problems.)

·While removing your materials, create separate piles for recycling and non-recycling. This makes handling easier and speeds up removal. Preferably, separate the recycling in to specific groupings so each type can be taken direct to the skips in one load.

·Remove non-recyclable waste to a separate skip or bin to ensure that it doesn’t get mixed up with your recyclables. Unaccepted materials in the skip may mean that the whole load is rejected, so this is important. You could also be stuck with having to re-sort everything in the skip, too, a colossal waste of time.

·Keep the removal process well organised. The most efficient way to manage movement of materials is to have one or more people handling removal and getting your recycling out of the way and loaded up ASAP. This prevents clutter around the work site and makes moving people and materials around the site easier, too.

·Ensure that all the materials in the skip are a good fit to the skip. Having large pieces of materials sticking out of the skip can cause problems with handling and removal. You might need to spend extra time fixing this problem, so get it right first time.

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