How Do I Choose a Skip Bin?

A large green skip bin

Choosing the right skip bin is important for effective management of waste from your site. There are a few crucial things to consider before you make the call. For starters, how much stuff will you need to dispose of? Secondly, do you have the space to store a big skip?

When you are dealing with more than a single rubbish disposal job, you might need one or more skips on an ongoing basis with other factors to consider. Those factors are questions relating to whether or not you will be disposing of hazardous materials, large volumes of recyclables and how to maintain effective access to both the worksite and skip location.

Domestic Applications

A skip is the perfect companion to any serious cleanup job around the house or neighbourhood. Whether it’s your spring cleaning or the annual street clean up, making waste and refuse piles in your garden or elsewhere can be a nightmare.

Moving house is a stressful time for anyone. Having a skip can make the entire process much more tenable. Your non-recyclable junk goes in the skip. End of story.

Domestic skips are usually smaller than commercial ones and, depending on the size you are after, may come with doors that partially open or simply an open-top skip.

Commercial Applications

Whether you are building a skyscraper or demolishing a warehouse, you are going to require a skip. Skips for commercial applications are available with additional perks to domestic skips. For example, some commercial skips are crane-ready, meaning they can be dropped off and picked up from somewhere other than the ground.

Large skip bins can come in the barnyard door style, meaning that they open all the way to the bottom and it is possible to wheel in or slide heavy objects that would otherwise be a challenge to carry over the lid of a skip bin.

Commercial skips can also be organised with rotation schedules, so you can work with the confidence of knowing that you will always have room to dispose of waste.

Events and Logistical Applications

Running a large event? Need waste management solutions? Skips can be extremely handy. Simply have them dropped off before the event and picked up after. If the skip is filled prematurely, organise a swap out. Chances are the companies providing these services will know what the waste requirements are for events in your area and be able to help you meet them. If you are lucky, your skip provider may also be able to offer other useful event hire items like toilets and temporary fencing.

Ready to Get Your Skip?

If you are in the greater Brisbane area, the Gold Coast, Ipswich or Toowoomba, contact Smart Skip to book your skip you can also call us on 13 75 47 for more information. Smart Skip can also help out with event hire of portable toilets and temporary fencing.