Hire the Right Gear for Your Event


Rows of green portaloos or plastic mobile toilets at festival


Whether you’re planning a private party, a community fundraiser, a corporate function or a major public event, it takes time, effort and the right equipment. Making sure that everything goes smoothly is about careful planning and budgeting.

Have a checklist that covers everything, from logistical matters to the safety of attendees. Ensure you organise to hire the right gear ahead of time. This includes everything from portable toilet hire and fencing hire, to skip hire so you can dispose of waste.

Portable Toilets

Nothing puts punters in a bad mood about an event like a lack of amenities. Even worse, things could become bad enough that you might find people starting to find “alternative options”. If you are running a public event, you are obligated by law to provide adequate facilities, including those for disabled patrons.

Ensure you know how many toilets you will need for the event and where on the site they need to be placed. If you’re unsure how many toilets you might need, ask the supplier for advice. 500 people might need around 10 toilets, but you’re always better off going for more than less. Ensuring they are in a visible and easy to find place is also important.

Temporary Fencing

Depending on what it’s being used for and what the legal requirements are for your event, temporary fencing comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Fences are essential for separating sections of the area and to manage the flow of traffic.

Mesh fencing is ideal for big parties, large community festivals or ticketed events, as you can erect them quickly onto large heavy blocks that render them immobile. They are also scalable, meaning you can fence off anywhere from a few small areas to an entire section of a large block.

Skip Bins

You’re going to end up in a really tough situation if you haven’t properly organized waste disposal for your event. Even if you’re having a smaller event, there’s a good chance you will generate a lot more waste than regular bins can hold.

It’s a good idea to organize skip bin or multiple skip bin hire for your event, which come in a range of shapes and sizes depending on your needs. For example, at Smart Skip we provide everything from 3 cubic metre mini skip bins to 15 cubic metre skip bins with a walk-in barn yard door.

Need to Rent Skips, Fencing or Toilets for Your Event?

The team at Smart Skip are experts when it comes to solutions for events. If you would like to rent a skip and/or portable toilets and fencing for your next event in Greater Brisbane, get in touch with our team on 13 75 47 or contact us online.