Cleaning Up After Festivals This Summer

What can be better than soaking up the aussie sun, seeing your favourite bands and partying in a field or venue with all of your friends. Summer is fast approaching and Australian music festival season is upon us however, Smartskip has the solution to the after effects of thousands of people in one place – skip bins!

Although Australia doesn’t quite have a Glastonbury there are still a huge amount of festivals that draw 100,000 of people each year, which can also mean a mammoth task of cleaning up afterwards!

Everyone knows the big festivals such as Falls Festival, Soundwave, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Stereosonic, V-Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, and Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Not only can skip bins help after a day or weekend of living it up at a festival they can help you clean up after a festival of your own. If you are running a summer fund raiser, family reunion or just getting some mates together a skip bin can be a great alternative to piling up bags next to your wheelie bins.

You may also want to invest in a portable toilet if your inviting a large crowd, which Smartskip can provide, as well as skip bins.

Why don’t you grab your friends or family and start a fun summer party of your own, even invite a local band but don’t forget to order your skip bin from Smartskip today!