Being Environmentally Friendly - We Will Show You How!

Words like “sustainable” and “eco-conscious” get thrown around a lot these days. It can be difficult to determine if it is just a marketing ploy or if a particular service is indeed sustainable and or eco-conscious. Sometimes, it feels like a science degree is required just to pick through the buzzwords and find the truth.

In this article, we will cover a few ideas and concepts that can help to reduce your overall impact upon the planet we all depend upon.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Everything comes from somewhere. Everything goes to somewhere else. Every product on every shelf in the supermarket used some energy to get there. It is easy to think of the world in terms of price, under the banner of thought that ‘money makes the world goes around’. The reality is more complex, this planet actually spins due to gravity. Every product has a cost that is abstract from its price, a cost in water, carbon emissions and space eventually taken up in landfill.


Reduce your consumption to cost the planet less through these processes.

Reuse things you do buy to get the most use out of the resources and energy that went into their production.

Recycle things when you are done using them so that others can make the most of them rather than going through the rigmarole of producing entirely new things.


Embrace the Second-Hand Economy and Upcycling

This is tied pretty closely to recycling. If you understand that new things require more energy to produce than it does to repair old ones, you can understand that acquiring things second hand can save the earth a lot. It will probably save you money, too!

Upcycling is a new buzzword for turning old waste into new products. This is extremely environmentally friendly and saves the planet a lot. Not only is space saved in landfill, but products can be made to fulfil consumer’s needs without superfluous expenditure of energy. Another bonus of this method of production is that it is typically constrained to local environments and creates local jobs.


Recycle E-Waste for Free

In Queensland, local councils have free electronic waste (e-waste) collection bins. Old and broken cell phones and laptops contain rare, precious and valuable metals like gold and copper. These metals can require immense amounts of energy to mine and purify in the first place.

If they are disposed into landfill, this energy input is lost forever. These precious resources can be extracted and reused in new products. Talk to your local council to find out where your nearest e-waste collection bin is located.


Let Smart Skip Market Your Scrap

At Smart Skip, we have connections with local recyclers of construction and demolition refuse. We can source markets for your unused or scrap materials including metal, bricks, gyprock, concrete and other recyclables. Call us on 13 75 47 or contact us online for more information to see how we can work together to leave a green footprint.