Out with the Old, in with the New - Spring Cleaning

We all know spring cleaning doesn't have to happen in spring. It shouldn't be about getting ready for summer, but getting ready to have a spring in your step. It feels great when your house is clean and that feeling spills over into the rest of your life, making it easier to do the things you want to do. In this article, we will cover some simple ideas to help put that spring back into your step.


Two Teenagers Clearing Garage for Yard Sale


Removing the Clutter

Have you ever wanted to clean but have been distressed by just how much work there is? Have you ever opened the door to the garage, looked around for a few moments in disbelief and then closed the door in disgust? Do you ever walk into your children's bedroom and wonder how they acquired so much stuff?


It probably didn't occur to you that these kinds of hurdles can significantly harm mental health. If the desire was to live in a shipping container with piles of stuff that could be arranged, but in all likelihood, the idea was to live in a space that you can make the most of. Get rid of things you don't need!


Build Your Desired Space

This is the most crucial aspect of spring cleaning. It is not just about getting rid of old and unwanted junk. The trick is to actually transform your rooms into spaces you want to be in. Organize your kitchen so you can flow through your daily routine without bumping into that mouldy juicer nobody uses. Is your bedroom clogged with paperwork that really should be in the office? Create the office space you need and put it in there.


One way to do this, if you have time, is to completely empty the room you wish to create. Empty the room and then refurnish and refill it with the things you need and want. Leave the rest of it aside, it may fit elsewhere in your house or it may need to progress onto the scrap heap.


Separate the Waste

You may end up with piles of unwanted junk. That's fine. You still have to deal with it. Much of it can probably be recycled, some of it may be worth selling in a garage sale and the rest may warrant landfill if it is not fit for upcycling.



There's already an abundance of things in this world. Before you go out to buy a coffee table or something you think you need, consider if it's possible to make one out of waste or refuse materials you already have lying around. This practice is called upcycling.


A common option for upcycling is converting pallets into garden furniture or making tote bags out of old t-shirts. It's a great way to reduce waste, learn skills and save money you otherwise would have spent acquiring the items you built yourself.


For Everything Else, Hire a Skip

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