Having a Garage Sale before Hiring Your Skip Bin


Sometimes, it’s difficult to imagine the things other people throw away. It’s possible that other people might feel the same way about the things you throw out. Furniture, bric-a-brac, clothes, bikes, records, you name it and waste management professionals have seen it go into landfill. In this article, we will discuss why and how to organize a garage sale before you dispose of your unwanted materials in a skip.


Why To Organise A Garage Sale

There are several great reasons to organize a garage sale.


  • Hiring a skip and disposing of rubbish costs money.
  • People may give you money for your things.
  • People may save money on things they need.
  • The second-hand economy is good for the environment.
  • There is a finite amount of space in landfill, so conserve it.
  • If you sell enough stuff, you may end up with money in your pocket after you have paid to have the rest disposed of.
  • Your garage sale could only take a few hours and it’s a good opportunity to meet other people in your community.
  • You could be throwing away something rare or precious you don’t appreciate but someone else might.
  • It is an efficient way to declutter the home


How to Organise a Garage Sale

Organising a good garage sale is simple and straightforward. Like any event, it is all about planning.


1.    Place signs around the neighbourhood. Prominent public locations like intersections and train stations can be effective ways to gather a crowd. Give the community at least a few days warning. You can also post ads for your garage sale in online community forums.

2.    Organise your shop. Place items on tables and group them into categories. Have a section for books, place clothes on racks and kids toys within reach of children. Try to avoid placing things directly on grass or dirt, if need be, use a tarp or bed sheet.

3.    Have a box marked “Free” with things you are happy for people to take. A good idea is to have this box visible from the street, to catch wandering bargain hunters.

4.    Keep an extension lead near your electrical items for sale. This will allow your customers to test things and make sure they work before they buy them.

5.    Check the weather forecast. If it is going to rain make the garage sale undercover or change the date.

6.    Check your shop. Make sure there is room for people to shop and walk around. As a general rule, it is considered best to keep your house closed to shoppers and be prepared to tell them where the nearest toilets are located.

7.    Price things right. This is important. Remember that everything you sell is reducing the pile of things you will need to dispose of. It is better to sell a lot of things cheaply than a few expensive things.

8.    Run your sale. Put on some catchy tunes people will recognise and sing along to, have toys on display to attract families, even consider running a barbeque to attract more customers.


After Your Garage Sale, Hire a Skip


If you live in the greater Brisbane area, you can order your skip online using this form. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to someone, you can call 13 75 47 or leave a time for us to call you back