The Dos and Don'ts of Portable Toilet Hire

Portable toilets are a very useful tool for a wide variety of applications. Some portable toilets require a mains connection while others are functional off-grid. Whether you are hiring one or many, as a matter of necessity or to make your operation run more smoothly, there are some important usage rules that everyone can abide by to make the process easier from delivery to waste disposal.

Why Hire a Portaloo?

In the domestic setting, toilet hire can be useful for renovations, building or parties. You don’t necessarily want contractors or a hundred guests trudging dirt through your house so why risk it?

If you are orchestrating a construction site or large event, you will definitely need toilets. There is official legislation that dictates the minimum required ratio of toilets to workers or attendees on a particular site. This legislation changes depending on your location and the type of event or construction, so check with your local council, toilet providers or event supervisors to get information on these requirements.

If you are running this kind of event, it is important to remember that you must also have disabled access toilets, and any good toilet hire company will also be able to source these units. Some toilet hire companies can offer other services to assist with your project. They may be able to provide temporary fencing and or skip hire.

How to Treat Your Portaloo

It almost goes without saying, but follow the instructions of the company you hire your toilets from.

It is a part of WorkSafe OH&S requirements that all employees have access to clean and adequate facilities. It is the responsibility of the site supervisors to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of hired amenities. Most toilet hire companies offer cleaning and upkeep services – the easiest way to keep a worksite happy.

With regards to pumping and servicing of reservoirs, this should only be carried out as needed. Unnecessarily disturbing the contents can aerate bad odours. Many distributors of portable toilets will say you should empty the tanks when they are half full and not before, only adding more chemicals as required.

What Happens to a Mistreated Portaloo?

If material enters a portable toilet that should not enter a toilet, someone will eventually have to fish it out. This can also cause blockages or incur extra costs. Think before you flush, would you want to fish it out? And if not, don’t make someone else.

Call Smart Skip to Arrange Your Portaloo Hire in Brisbane

Smart Skip can facilitate portable toilet hire all over the greater Brisbane area. From Ipswich to Moreton Bay, from Toowoomba to the Gold Coast, we can provide the services you require. We offer a full complement of upkeep services, including regular disinfection and surface cleaning as well as pumping of the sewerage storage tank and refilling over the water tank.

Call us today on 13 75 47 or contact us online to organize toilet hire. If you are running an event, we can also assist with skip hire and temporary fencing.