5 Creative Uses for a Skip Bin


Clear glass bottles in the sun


Skip bins are known mainly for disposing of a large amount of waste at construction sites, whether for commercial use during a new build or for a DIY home renovation. But there are plenty of other fun and creative uses for a skip bin that are suitable for many occasions.

1. Drink Cooler

Thinking about throwing a party, barbeque or small get together at your house? Why not consider using a skip bin as the biggest novelty esky ever. There never seems to be enough room for refreshments in the fridges and eskies at parties, so ensure that won’t be a problem by using a mini skip bin as a gigantic cooler. The biggest benefit is that you can use it to dispose of all the rubbish afterwards!

2. Cleaning Up Garden Waste

Pruning the garden can produce a startling amount of green waste you might have trouble getting rid of. Or maybe you have a giant tree on or near your property that drops truckload of leaves every winter. A skip bin isn’t just for rubbish. Green waste skips can help you deal with it all. From leaves to full branches, throw it all in for an easier way to clean.

3. Planting a Garden

As well as throwing out garden waste, you could very well turn a skip bin into a garden itself! A skip bin is ideal if you’ve always wanted a giant planter box out the front of your house for growing flowers, veggies and herbs. The only problem is that you may have to purchase a skip rather than hire it if you don’t want your new garden carted off by a confused looking worker at the skip bin hire company.

4. Moving Items Around

If you get a skip bin with wheels, you can use it to move things around! For example, you can move a load of materials from one end of a construction site to another.

5. Throwing a Pool Party

It’s a sweltering hot day and you don’t have a pool and aren’t close to any beaches, rivers or lakes. What can you do? Maybe you could get a skip and use it as a temporary mobile pool. Simply find a way to waterproof it, grab a hose, invite some friends over and you’re ready to go!

Practical Benefits of Hiring a Skip

All jokes aside, hiring the right skip is actually a very handy thing to do if you need to get rid of a large amount of waste efficiently and affordably. Whether you’re doing a spring clean, clearing out a house after a tenancy, getting rid of office waste or doing your own home renovations, renting a skip bin can take the trouble of waste away.

Want to Rent a Skip? Ask Our Experts

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